The Silver Fox

Between 1910 and 1939 Summerside was at the center of an immense worldwide business spawned after Robert Oulton of Alberton first bred silver foxes in captivity in 1895. Oulton, Charles Dalton and their partners subsequently established a monopoly to control the sale of breeding stock.
Frank Tuplin of Summerside broke the monopoly in 1910 when he began selling breeders.  The Canadian National Silver Fox Breeders Association was founded in 1920 with head offices established in Summerside.  J. W. Callbeck, a prominent Summerside rancher, was the first President.

During the “Fox Boom” buyers came from around the world in pursuit of the much-prized silver-black fox pelts at a time when breeding pairs were selling for as much as $25,000.

The Dominion Experimental Fox Ranch, constructed at Summerside in 1925, greatly advanced the sophistication of the fox industry.  It was staffed by competent agricultural scientists like J. A. Allen, who with W. C. McLure, co-authored the “Theory and Practice on Fox Ranching” which became a standard reference in 1926.

Location: The building on the southeast corner of Water and Queen Streets

Facts:  Mural # 6.  Measures 8 x 16 feet and is based on a 1930s charcoal drawing of a silver fox by H.R.H. Sellen.  Erected Summer 2000 with funding from the Canada Millennium Partnership Program (CMPP).

Mural Artist: Earle Shepherd