The contract for the interior work and for rebuilding the destroyed cupola was awarded in December to Schurman Construction of Summerside.  In March 2005 a brand new cupola based on the original was lifted by a crane into position at the top of the heritage building.  Work on the four levels of the house continued as the one-year anniversary of the fire passed.  Allan Savidant commented to the press about the length of the project, stating that because of the damage it was not a surprise that it would take longer that the initial restoration.  Mr. Savidant retired in July but returned to the site for the grand re-opening on August 17, 2005.

The Lefurgey Cultural Centre is wonderfully restored.  On the ground floor the front parlor serves as a reception area and gift shop, the large drawing room is a multi-purpose and versatile space, and the dining room has retained its original use with the flexibility for other purposes. The kitchen appliances, counters and cupboards have been modernized and the space above this area is an art studio with windows on three sides providing plenty of natural light.

The four bedrooms in the main section of the second floor have found new service as offices and an additional office exists on the third floor.  Also located on that upper level are a large storage area for artifacts from the Wyatt House and a costume room for the summer staff.   The full basement with its high ceiling provides space for a pottery studio and extra storage.