The PEI Genealogical Society recorded every known cemetery on Prince Edward Island during the years 1972-1982 and since that time an effort has been made to update the original work. The inscriptions, copied from existing gravestones, provide dates of birth and death, establish family relationships, and sometimes give the person’s place of origin. An index, arranged alphabetically by surname, is available for all those individuals recorded on tombstones in the cemeteries of Prince County and Kings County. A similar index for the County of Queens is under development by the Society.

The transcripts are organized by Lot, numbered 1–67. The 67 Lots, approximately 20,000 acres each, were determined by Captain Samuel Holland in his 1765 survey of Prince Edward Island for the British government.

Map Showing Lots
The MacNaught History Centre and Archives is gradually adding photographs of tombstones to its membership website The huge project of creating the images and recording the information had its beginnings in 2006 with summer students. It has grown exponentially since 2009 with the volunteer work of Summerside residents Art and Miriam Lockhart. Tens of thousands of tombstone images covering most of the eastern half of Prince County and a little bit of Queens are now available online. More are being added in 2012.