The MacNaught History Centre and Archives (MHCA) has a collection of census records for all of Prince Edward Island organized by lot and royalty. The census records for PEI cover the period from 1728-1911, with some gaps of information. The Prince Edward Island Genealogical Society is a major partner with MHCA and has provided printed transcripts for the 1881, 1891 and 1901 census records. Its website offers an index by surname. Researchers at MHCA can also view the original handwritten census on microfilm for the years 1841, 1861, 1881, 1891, 1901 and 1911.

  • 1728 Census of Isle St. Jean is available at
  • 1752 Census by Sieur de la Rocque, Isle St. Jean, offers detailed information of families, their livestock, and personal observations. Available at
  • 1798 Census gives only the names of the heads of households and numbers of males and females in age categories
  • 1841 Census has the same information, plus the place of birth, religion, years, manner of holding land, and information about crops and livestock
  • 1848 Census holds the same information but only Charlottetown and Lot 31 survives
  • 1861 Census holds the same information
  • 1871 Census was destroyed
  • 1881 Census names all people in household by gender, age, occupation, education, religion, place of origin
  • 1891 Census holds same type of information as 1881 Census, plus the place of birth of the mother and the father of each person named
  • 1901 Census holds same type of information as 1881 Census, plus dates of birth
  • 1911 Census holds same type of information and is available at

The census records are organized by Lot, numbered 1–67. The 67 Lots, approximately 20,000 acres each, were determined by Captain Samuel Holland in his 1765 survey of Prince Edward Island for the British government.