Whether you own a heritage building or not you can soak in the cultural richness of our heritage on any street in the Heritage District. Go to page 18 of the Heritage Bylaw SS-20 for a map of the Heritage District. Keep in mind that a number of places of historic significance are located outside the Heritage District.

Similarly you can take part in any workshop or lecture or outdoors event designed to highlight, to teach about and to celebrate our high concentration of residential heritage buildings. Summerside citizens take pride in the fact that their old town residential area has one of the highest concentrations of heritage homes in Atlantic Canada. And it is all very walk able. 

As the owner of a significant historic building you can visit MacNaught History Centre and Archives to learn all that you can about the special architectural features of your place and the simple steps you can take to preserve them. Staff there can put you in touch with any experts you may need to consult.

As the owner of a historically interesting building you can find out more of its history, again at the MacNaught History Centre and Archives.  

Summerside participates in the national Historic Places Initiative

The MacNaught History Centre and Archives provides the research and education functions for the Conservation of Heritage Buildings and Sites in Summerside. Formally known as the Historic Places Initiative it is part of a national emphasis on the conservation of Canadian Heritage. Read about the guidelines adopted by the City of Summerside at and use search term ‘Summerside’ on historicplaces.ca to find nationally registered Buildings in Summerside.